Keeping The Holiday Vibes Alive

Say goodbye to mornings of sleeping in, late night out, binge watch your favorite series and say hello to long commute, traffic, meetings and endless assignments! As fun as your holiday was, you just have to go back to your old routine. The thoughts of getting back to your old routine can be stressful, due to lack of freedom and rest.

According to a survey held by Zipjet, Jakarta ranks in the number 19 out of 150 cities with highest stress level. The high level stress is caused by traffic, population density, intolerance, and crazy work-hours. While this is concerning and perhaps making you even more unmotivated to go back to work, there are ways for you to keep the holiday vibes alive, by reducing less stress in your routine:

1. Showcase your memories!

Printout your holiday photos and put it on your cubicle in your office, your agenda, or wherever it is; as long as you get to see it as much as possible. This way, you remember the good times you’ve had during holiday and good memories can lift up your mood. Great mood equals to more productivity!

In the Journal of Environmental Psychology, it has been found that being able to personalize or decorate someone’s work space can help soften the negative effects; such as lack of privacy in a crowded work environment and burn-out. So not only photos, you could decorate your work space with so many different things such as cute lamps, plants or your FunkoPop collection!  

2.  Make a list of things you look forward to!

There will be days when you just don’t want to get through the day because your schedule is packed up all week. Every time you look at your schedule, the less motivated you can be. 

Therefore, every weekend you should list of things you look forward to in the upcoming week. It could be little things that make us happy; for an example: a dinner date with your loved ones, your favorite movie is showing in the theater on Friday or even big things, such as: countdown to your next holiday or your favorite band’s concert!

By having something positive to look forward to, it can help us get through the day as stressful as it might be. 

3. Shake things up every once in a while!

Routines are something that we will get used to in time and they put your brain into auto-pilot mode; where everything flows as its schedule. At one point it could be comforting, but it also can be dangerous. Routines can limit your ability to grow and it leads to burn-out.

When routine starts to bore and give you no motivation to keep going, why don’t you shake things up a little bit. Changes do not have to be big things like move out to another city, but you could start stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while. There are so many things you can do to spice up your routines, such as: try out the restaurant or bars that you’ve always wanted to go but it somehow intimidated you, go to festivals that usually are not your style, hang out with old friends that you haven’t talked to a while, or go on spontaneous trip during weekends.

Not only it excites you, it could also reduce your stress and it feels like you are on holiday!

4. Treat-yourself day!

In all the hectic and stress during weekdays, don’t forget to take a minute and spare time for yourself. Self-care is just as important as taking care of others. According Happify, a good management time of “me-time” can lead to better work-life balance, greater well-being, and also more engagement at work. It also allows us for deep thinking, self-discovery, and enhances our relationship with others.

There are lots of way for you to enjoy “me-time”, you can responsibly turn off your phone to disconnect yourself with the world for a day, take yourself to a park, or take yourself to a movie time alone.

Although, quality “me-time” does not always mean being alone. You can treat yourself by going shopping with your friends, and socializing with your loved ones.

Going back to the routine of working or going to school can be tough after holiday, but there are so many ways you could reduce the stress and anxiety to get through the routine. Of course nothing beats real holiday where you can relax all day, but you can apply these “little vacation” tips on your routine. Now let’s get back to work, get productive, and before you realize… the real holiday is just around the corner again!