The Types of Books to Help Overcoming Your Anxiety

There are a lot of perspectives as to how people would describe the word “anxiety” since the research on anxiety have been more expanded as time goes by. As the result, there are many types of anxiety according to its own characteristics. But generally, anxiety is an excessive feeling of worry, fear, uneasiness, or nervousness about something with an uncertain outcome, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.

Anxiety is considered a part of being human, so it’s normal to experience some anxiety in the course of our lives. However, there are several different anxiety-related disorders which have some symptoms that overlap with each other. Since it can be tricky whether such anxiety is linked to a certain disorder, therefore a diagnosis from licensed professionals is very much needed. However, rather than discuss the types of anxiety or something like that in this article, I’d like to tell you how to overcome your anxiety in various ways by using some types of books. Below here is the list of those several books that could help reduce your anxiety:

  1. Crossword Puzzle Books

    Have you ever heard of the saying that goes “reduce your anxiety by adding on a little stress”? To make it clear, the kind of stress that’s mentioned here isn’t the heavy one that will eventually make you feel even more anxious than before. Before we’re going further, it’s very important to realize that ‘stress’ and ‘anxiety’ are two different things. We already know what anxiety means in general, so what about stress? Generally, stress is a feeling of mental or emotional strain which is usually caused by any kind of pressure, demand, or threat. Obviously, an excessive amount of stress is bad for our health, yet, having a little stress in our lives is quite necessary because it can help us to push through intense situations.

When you start to feel anxious, you can try to distract your mind by deliberately putting yourself in a little stressful situation. There are several options, one of the things that I suggest you try is doing crossword puzzles. Not only such activity is good as a brain-training program, but doing crossword puzzles is also really practical as it can be done anywhere and anytime you need it. In addition, nowadays you don’t have to wait for any weekend newspaper or buy some magazines to find one crossword puzzle. There are so many books of crossword puzzles sold in the bookstores. So, you can try to find one book that fits your best interest the most.

2. Adult Coloring Books

These days, the adult coloring books trend keeps on emerging in the midst of our modern society. In the bookstore, you can find numerous adult coloring books with various different themes, including abstract images, beautiful scenery, floral patterns, Mandalas, and even Disney or Marvel characters. Though there are many different reasons for its popularity, the most prominent one is the prove ability of adult coloring books to help people overcome anxiety. A bit different from doing crossword puzzles, these program coloring books have claimed to provide the users with the opportunity to reduce anxiety and help them live happier lives without having to go through any stress. Previous studies have had many experiments involving the activity of coloring these books, and indeed it’s safe to say that such activity is one of the easiest and pleasantly relaxing task to do when you’re in an anxious state. Every activity that implicates art elements in its process is never an ugly option to begin with, not to mention that many have claimed that artistic creativity has the kind of therapeutic effect. By doing art, not only will it trigger your creative sides, but it can also brighten your mood, discover the artist within yourself, and enhance your mindfulness. In all seriousness, I truly encourage you to try this simple yet wonderful method in order to cope with your anxiety.

3. Fairy Tales Books

Do you have children or perhaps little siblings or cousins or any other kids’ relatives? Do you know that children are no different than teenagers and even adults when it comes to the state of anxiety? Research has shown that children can suffer from stress and anxiety as well.
Nowadays, there are many parents or any part of the family who hardly have the time to tell any bedtime stories to their kids before they go to sleep. Additionally, as we live in an era where technology is greatly thriving, we often think that by providing our kids with gadgets can hopefully replace our presence in their lives. But the thing is, extreme usage of gadget is one of many reasons for the emergence of anxiety. That’s why it is necessary for us to make time for the children, especially when they are anxious.

One of the best ways to help children reduce their anxiety is by reading them fairy tales. It might sound classic and old-fashioned, but apparently, it comes off really helpful and relaxing for the children. In many ways, fairy tales are not just good to help children coping with their anxiety, but also raise their self-confidence, strengthen the inner lives of the children, increase their ability to solve urging problems and provide both comfort and support in difficult times. On the other side, through this reading fairy tales activity, children and their parents or their family in general will eventually connect on a deeper level with each other. All those benefits allow the children to reduce their disturbed functions, overcome their fear or anxiety, teach them to control their anger or any other feelings faster.

“Nothing diminishes anxiety faster than action.” – Walter Anderson

After all, general anxiety is a common thing that could happen anywhere to anyone at any time. If we know how to manage our anxiety in a proper and positive way, then there’s nothing much to worry about. Of course, the case is different if you suffer a chronic anxiety disorder which requires serious treatments from licensed professionals. However, since general anxiety is inevitable in our lives, we must go through it.

So here I have made a list that consists of the three types of books which I personally think will help you overcome your anxiety through different ways. I fully realize that not everyone has the same choice when it comes to handle their own situations, I’d suggest you pick one which suits you the most, but you could also try doing all those activities to see which one that works best for you. Anyways, I sincerely hope it’s going to work out just fine for all of us!